Over the years, we have hand-made many keepsakes for weddings, including gifts for groomsmen, bridesmaids as well as parental roles on the day or just a little something for the groom. It's always an honour to be part of bringing these stories alive through our products, that's why we did a little jump for joy when an email dropped into our box.

In the midst of, yet another lockdown, we had an enquiry from Catriona. She was looking for a few items from our topographic collection to celebrate a wedding.

Very strange, we thought, as we had almost forgotten what Weddings were at this point. But this wasn't any wedding, this was a secret elopement! And what a wild one it was.

A wild elopment photographed by Andrew Rae Photography

Photographed by Andrew Rae Photography

"We got married on the banks of Loch Tarbert and then went up to the paps of Jura to go and explore and have some photos taken which was the second set of coordinates." Catronia told us "We eloped last year and we were meant to have a reveal party this November to celebrate with all our friends and family."

They had hoped to have a reveal party a year later, encompassing not only the big reveal itself but also their anniversary with their close friends and family. However, with restrictions still in place from Covid-19, unfortunately those plans had to be postponed. Instead, they organised smaller gatherings where they could hand them a keepsake that gave them clues to some of their favourite spots on the Isle's of Jura. 

The couple take their mementos to their special place

Their gifts consisted of Hip Flasks and Adventure Bottles, engraved with the topography of the Paps of Jura and Loch Tarbert - for each of these items we engraved the co-ordinates of specific locations nearby. The co-ordinates and topography served as clues for where they both got married, on the shore of Lock Tarbert and a special place up on the Paps of Jura, allowing the recipients to explore and find these idyllic spots themselves - and therefore be a part of their wedding. 

A selection of topographic hip flasks and bottles, displaying the contour lines of the Paps of Jura and Loch Tarbert, where the couple eloped.

This collection, born out of celebrating those special places where memories are forged, turned out to be a particularly perfect choice to celebrate their gorgeous wedding setting with friends and family.

2021 was the year we navigated love a little differently.


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