This September we took to the hills with our good friends at Follow Films , to create a film that really depicts what our Topographic collection is all about. One wet and windy day, Jase and I sat in our local pub chatting about a series of films we wanted to commission and started to draft up a little story board or two. Jason started to compose a song to work alongside it (he is a sound designer and musician don’t you know! Under the moniker Stoy Sound). We had the seed, now we needed to find someone to help it grow - we needed a videographer.

It wasn’t a hard decision for us to make in terms of who we wanted to shoot these films. We met Hollie, one half of Follow Films, through Instagram and subsequently at The Good Life Experience. We have always admired her photography and loved seeing what projects she was embarking on - and one of those projects was her film work alongside Graham, the other half of the duo. A quick email later and we were well on our way to planning and creating our first film.

Having checked out the weather before hand, our weekend of filming would be graced with either glorious sunshine or a deluge of rain and mist. Our original model for the film had just broken his toe (ouch) and so in stepped Hollie’s partner in crime, John. With this in our minds, we chose to spend a warm and sunny day out in our nearby moors and hills to shoot the short story of a fellow (John) taking a ramble to his favourite place. Having scouted a few of our very own favourite spots, we took up filming in Marsden, near the Eastergate bridge, Millstone Edge and then for the ultimate summit shot - out at West Nab. It was really nice to link where we work and hike into our first film and to get across the importance that Marsden plays in our lives.

Our second day of filming was all in our small studio, documenting the process behind our Personalised Topographic Hip Flask. The cameras were now on us, which is a little out of our comfort zone, but we survived. We also had some amazing photographs taken at the same time by We Are Sightseers (Hollie and John’s photographic side project). Then came the waiting, and it was well worth it to see the edit come together. We had a fantastic time working with these guys and we can’t wait to get working on the next instalment!

In the meantime take a look at the final edit of our first film “Take your favourite place with you.”

Our topography collection was born of a desire to make an incredibly meaningful gift through pattern instead of words. A gentle nod to those places and memories we hold dear, whilst celebrating wonderful geographic forms. Keeping adventure in your pocket.


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