HORD – Gifts for those who are hard to buy for...

When it comes to Christmas, there is always that one person, who you just can’t decide what to buy for them… Well, we thought we’d give you a hand with that!

The Adventure Bottle

Everyone drinks water, tea, coffee or beer, and so one of our double walled stainless steel bottles is perfect for that person who seems a little tricky to buy for. The bottle insulates hot and cold drinks for 24 hours, which is great for long walks, gyms, keeping a hot drink to hand when out and about, and to make it even better, the bottles contain no plastic, just stainless steel and a silicon ring to make it easy to clean.

Card Holders

Since the pandemic and the reduced need to carry cash around, we've noticed that a lot of people are downsizing from wallets, so everyone has been going crazy for our card holders. This is why it makes them one of our top choices for that special gift. They are also great to have in addition to wallets, this way they can carry around something less bulky on nights out, Christmas do's, or weddings. You can even make the gift personal to them by picking from a variety of colours and stitches.


A good belt can last a lifetime, so it’s a really great present that will get lots of use! You could even make it even more special and have a secret message engraved on the inside. It may be an indulgent treat, but they are high quality and can be passed down for generations.

Hip Flasks

Our hip flasks make a great gift and keepsake for those who like a tipple, perfect for taking your favourite drink away with you on holidays and
getaways. Even more perfect for your boxing day stroll, our hip flasks are often used on long walks and to keep you warm on chilly nights (Hello New Years Eve!) Take a little celebration with you wherever you go!


Can you ever really have enough hats?! The answer is no… Especially in the depths of winter, it’s the perfect time to gift one!


Great for cosying up on a winter’s night, but also multi-functional as a picnic blanket when spring and summer come around. The blanket holder keeps it nice and tidy, perfect for keeping in the back of the car. 


Stocking Fillers –


On the lead up to Christmas, Hord kindly gave to me, a gift guide, categorised by personality …

Still stuck for ideas? We've put together some collections based on personality for those who have hobbies and interests that our products suit...

The Musician:

For the musical genius in your life…

The Artist:

For the artistic soul, something to organise their tools, or to allow their imagination to run wild...

The Plant Lover:

For the plant lover we have many items with beautiful botanical patterns, perfect for those with a green thumb…

The Hiker:

For those who are always on the move...

The Beer Enthusiast:

Cheers to finding the perfect gift for the Beer Connoisseurs...


The Viking:

For the warrior, explorer, voyager...



I'm Gemma, the founder of Hord. It's been a fantastic journey over the decade and into a new one, and we're excited to see where our little team of two will take us. We're so glad to have you join us both on the ride! I will be sharing our travels, inspirations, leather care and more here. If you'd like to see us write about something in particular, drop us a line at gemma@hord.co