"The things that make me different are the things that make me." - Winnie the Pooh

Personalised A5 leather notebook cover

With the new academic year just around the corner and "Back to School" emblazoned in every shop window, it's time to unfortunately face it, summer is nearly over. 

Are you feeling stressed about your new academic year at school or university?

Every year I always faced a little bit of anxiety when September came around, especially when I was embarking on a new school year in a new college, school or university. 

There is something about heading off somewhere new that can always be a little daunting. The excitement of a new chapter is met with the worry of a different schedule, finding your way and meeting new peers. Do you wish to exhibit your best-self to those around you but are struggling on the best way forward? 

Take a leap and make this your best school year yet, by standing apart from the crowd and being your true self. I was always someone who wore my personality on my sleeve (and I still do to this day, along with a hefty dose of comfort.), it really helped me find those who were interested in the same things as myself, from music to film, art to books and create a real circle of true friendships.

Now, you might be wondering, how do I do that without compromising my true nature or authenticity

As quoted by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, "Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak". Let your accessories speak for you and bring out your personality and individuality by adding flair to your bags, jackets, and more. Read on to find out how you can use Hôrd's array of products to bring life to your belongings on a budget.  

The Hôrd Back to School Patch Collection

Mountain Explorer Leather Patch - By Hôrd
The Personalised Leather Patch by Hôrd

Our patches make the perfect addition to your back pack, pencil case, jacket and more. They make great temporary and permanent decorations to your garments and can be swapped out if you desire, or as your interests change. They are also made of durable leather, can be washed on a low temperature and can be used over and over again, your patch will likely outlive the item you stitch it to! Perfect for setting yourself up to go back to school!

You can personalise your patches by choosing the colour and monogramming it with your initials or choice of text. Have a drawing you would like represented on a patch? We can do that too!

These personalised leather patches can be added to any of your bags, pencil cases and more whereby you'll be able to create unique pieces that stand out from the rest of the crowd when heading back to school.

Outside of our personalised patches, we also have a range of illustrated patches designed around hobbies, the outdoors and more.

Browse through our wide range of patches that have been carefully crafted to express yourself. 

Why Should You Customise?

The rise of outcasts as heroes in movies is not something new. Be it Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Hercules, all of these characters find true happiness from the acceptance of themselves rather that from the approval of others.  

While we all enjoy these movies and resonate with them deeply, are we actually embracing ourselves and being true to who we are? 

Begin afresh this academic year when heading back to school by bringing in some flair to yourself, standing apart from the crowd and celebrating yourself!

Now, you might be wondering how to actually sew the patches onto your stuff. Here's our no-nonsense step-by-step guide on how to sew patches onto anything. Perfect for getting you ready to head back to school!

The Ultimate Guide to Sew Your Patches


  • First we start with measuring out some thread, we recommend waxed linen thread or a polyester based top stitch thread. Both of these options have the strength and durability you're looking for when dealing with leather.

  • I like to measure around the patch about two and a half times, this is enough to do a double stitch around the whole patch.

  • I start my stitching by going through the item, this helps anchor where you would like the patch to be. I do a double stitch before starting to stitch the patch on, this acts as a knot. 

  • I then stitch all around the patch, when reaching the end, I double back again, going through the pre-cut stitch holes. 

  • To finish off the thread so that it looks nice and neat, I run the needle back through between the patch and the item I am stitching it to, I do this a couple of times, before passing the needle back in, trimming it and then pulling the needle all the way through - this keeps all the thread inside between the patch and the item so that it looks super neat!

The Timeless Hôrd Collection for Education & Beyond

Our stationery collection ranges from journal covers to bookmarks allowing you to create a unique gift for yourself, one that celebrates who you are, or a gift for your loved ones - engraved with something unique and thoughtful that shows your love and support in the next chapter of their lives at university and more.

Our journal covers are crafted by hand in our studio in Marsden. Hand-stitched, hand dyed and crafted from genuine full grain leather with the utmost care, these covers are designed to last you a lifetime. Our journal covers are made specifically for the A5 Leuchtturm 1917 journals which come in ruled, plain and dotted paper styles; these are journals that I would heartily recommend for all your endeavours, be it creative or professional. 

I've always been a huge fan of journals and notebooks, buying far more than I needed,  and so it only seemed right that I put my head and my hands to work and create some bespoke leather journal covers. I started using the bullet journal system a few years ago and so creating covers for Leuchtturm1917 notebooks just made so much sense!

These journal covers will see you through your academic studies and beyond!

Personalise and create a unique piece that will last you a lifetime. 

Custom Leather Bookmark
Personalised Leather Notebook Cover A5

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