Get the lowdown on some of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Hôrd to help guide you through the order process and more. From hip flask sizes to questions about how to get an item personalised, to care instructions and wholesale availability. Don't forget, we are also on hand to answer any questions via email.

Personalisation & Bespoke Work

The price of most of our items includes the cost of personalisation of a name, date or initials. If you exceed this with further text or imagery, you may be asked to pay a supplementary fee of £5-£10. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We are certainly open to commissions and we have created a lot of bespoke work over the years, from gun holsters to custom cigar pouches. If you have an idea in mind for a product made of leather or cork, that isn't currently available in store, get in touch!

A custom item like this can take some time for us to design and prototpye, so it's worth getting in touch far in advance of your deadline.

We do!  A lot of our products allow for commission requests. We have drawn up custom imagery for hip flasks, patches and guitar straps. Simply get in touch for a quote. 

We do accept your own illustrations for engraving, we ask that you own the copyright to the images and provide the image in black and white. If you need us to make the image black and white for you or edit the image to ensure a quality engraving, there may be a small charge for such work. We recommend emailing us with your design so we can advise appropriately.


Each product which allows for personalisation will have a box named "Personalisation" You can enter your text here, including placement of text or further instructions. Jason and Gemma work on your orders from start to finish, so fear not! We will also follow up with you if there's something we don't understand.

All of our items can be ordered with no text, simply select "no text needed" from the "font options" drop down.

We have noticed that customers who use safari on their phone or tablet may struggle to get their discount code recognised as Safari only shows "Gift Card", try as we might, we are unable to get this solved. We recommend making sure your Safari is up to date, or using a different browser when making your purchase.

Our welcome discount offer is only available to first time customers who sign up to our newsletter. When entering your email address, you will receive an email where you will need to confirm that you wish to sign up the newsletter. Once this has been confirmed, you will receive a follow up email with your unique to you code - please note this could take a few minutes. If you have further trouble, please contact us

Hip Flasks

Please note, leather is a natural product and so may include beautiful original markings from the animals life, such as scarring, welts heavier grains and more. These markings often add to the character of the product which all have a rustic quality. 

Most of our leathers are pull up leather or veg tan. We choose pull up leathers because of their rustic and unique qualities and colour variations - over time, these leathers can distress further and 'weather' however because of this they can also be easily restored. Simply apply some natural dubbin, in a gentle circular motion, to any scratches. We recommend using a soft cloth. Our veg tan and other leathers are incredibly resilient however they can benefit from the moisturising properties of natural dubbin too (as well as providing water proofing). 

Although most leathers are somewhat naturally waterproof, please avoid contact with exterior liquids to prevent any staining.

We often get asked which flask is a 'standard' size. The 6 ounce flask is the most popular and is the size you often see on the high street. We recommend you take a look at our dimensions below to ensure you are ordering the right size for you (and your pocket!)

Our Hip Flask Dimensions are as follows -

3oz flask: H7.2cm (excluding cap), H8.7cm (including cap) x W7.2cm x D2cm.

6oz flask: H9.5cm (excluding cap), H11cm (including cap) x W9.5cm x D2.2cm.

8oz flask: H12.5cm (excluding cap), H13.8cm (including cap) x W9.5 cm x D2.2cm.

Your flask comes with a stainless steel funnel to help you decanter your chosen beverage into your flask. Please note, these flasks are designed for liquor only and not acidic (juices) or carbonated beverages.

We recommend cleaning the inside of your flask before use with your funnel and water.

Please keep away from hot water, including the interior of the flask.

Don't submerge or soak your flask in water.

Clean the inside of your flask with cold water before use and between refills. Once clean, leave the cap off for the flask to air dry.

Although most leathers are somewhat naturally waterproof, please avoid contact with exterior liquids to prevent any staining

For further tips on cleaning your hip flask click here


Each card slot can hold up to five cards each, the beauty of this leather is that it molds to the amount of cards that you place in it. This requires a little bit of time to train the leather, but once it's done, it will be the perfect fit for you.

As mentioned above, adding a new card to your card holder or wallet may seem a little snug at first, but after a day or so of use, the leather will mold to adapt to the card.

Gemma holds about 8 cards in one slot on her card holder, with any new addition it takes a couple of days for the leather to adjust and then the card is just as easy to access as the others.

Your wallet will arrive super pristine when made to you and over time it will soften and gain a patina as the leather comes into contact with your hands and pocket. Our wallets are made of super resilient leathers which means they don't need too much after care, the natural oils from your hands will likely be enough. If you do wish to treat it, we recommend a neutral leather cream or dubbin to nourish and protect - this can likely be done once a year if needed.

Leather journal covers

Whilst our staple journal cover is built for the Luchtturm 1917 A5 journals, we can make our covers in other sizes. We do need full measurements for other book sizes, just to ensure the perfect fit - please get in touch for a quote

We've created a handy video to show you how we utilise the elastic on your notebook over your journal cover, you can find it here.

That's absolutely fine, simply let us know via e-mail and we can advise!

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