"The design journey we undertake always begins with understanding our customer; who they are, what story they are trying to tell, and how our designs could speak for them"


“Jason, Benromach have enquired about collaborating with us for a new series they’re doing and want us to design a limited edition hip-flask!” I said enthusiastically as I was scouring through the details that they had sent over. Benromach were planning on introducing a new collaboration series called ‘Firsthand’ where they work with makers and connoisseurs worldwide to celebrate things made by hand - and we were to be the first one! Excited about the opportunity to create something great, we were over the moon and eagerly embarked on the journey to craft the hip flask that told the Benromach story. 

Luxury Corporate Gifts: Benromach Hip-Flask by Hôrd

Crafting bespoke items has given us the opportunity to work with businesses worldwide and allowed us to create some really unique items that would help them appreciate their key stakeholders, be it customers or employees. Our luxury corporate gifts solution has allowed us to already work with numerous UK businesses and with this blog, we want to take you behind-the-scenes on how we craft the product and tell the story of a business through our designs.

The Design Process For Luxury Corporate Gifts

The design journey we undertake always begins with understanding our customer; who they are, what story they are trying to tell, and how our designs can speak for them. As this was to be the first in a series of unique collaborations, understanding the brand identity was a key element and what stood before us totally blew us away, with Benromach’s long history and of course, their traditional manufacturing process. A traditional Speyside family-owned distillery, what made Benromach stand apart from their peers was their manufacturing process. True believers in how being handmade elevates a product and brings out authenticity, their single malt scotch whiskey is handmade using four key ingredients - barley, water, yeast and a human touch. Not stopping there, all casks are filled by hand, weighed individually, and stored at traditional dunnage warehouses to create the finest whiskey made by hand.

“We are looking for a brand to create a timeless keepsake that tells the story of our brand for our customers”, said a representative from Benromach. Benromach’s practice of creating the best products with a human element and Hôrd’s convention of crafting leather goods by hand was a perfect pairing and to be able to work with such a brand that aligned with our ethos and values meant a lot to us. We thus began our journey; to create a unique hip flask that tells the story of Benromach and who they are, whilst creating an accessory that would be a prized possession for Benromach fans. With that in mind, we began our design process and the end result was a masterpiece. 

Luxury Corporate Gifts: Benromach Hip Flask by Hôrd Prototype



Combining Benromach's history with our design expertise unravelled a product that truly encompassed what Benromach had envisioned. Our design inspirations were brought through our connection with nature and travelling through the moors of Marsden, whilst Benromach brought their colour scheme and beautiful logo to the table. We went on to create a prototype and sent it on up to bonnie Scotland. They loved it and were excited for us to move forward with the production.  

Luxury Corporate Gifts: The Benromach Hip-Flask by Hôrd

The Benromach Hip-Flask By Hôrd

The Benromach hip-flask has been well received by their aficionados and has gained stellar reviews, truly representing their brand with a touch of Hôrd magic - mission accomplished! 

If you're a business on the lookout for luxury corporate gifts that you could provide your clients or employees as a token of appreciation and gratitude, get in touch with us with your requirements and we can create a package that suits you!

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