A person is holding a hip flask clad in leather and personalised with the contour lines of a location and some initials

Ever wondered how to keep that hip flask clean and ready to use

Well, wonder no more....

I remember getting my first hip flask, it was a simple stainless steel number coupled with a small bottle of whiskey. I did everything wrong with that flask - I left the whiskey in it for months (more on that here soon) and I hadn't a clue how to clean it.

Over the many, many years of making hip flasks, I'm glad to say that I've now learned a thing or two about proper use, storing and cleaning of flasks - which would make my teenage self blush. 

How to Clean your Hip Flask

Hip flasks come in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of coverings. If your flask is clad in leather, cork or vinyl, it's worth taking a few precautionary steps in the care of your flask which I have outlined later in this article.

Hopefully your hip flask came with a funnel (all of our flasks come with a funnel as standard) as this can really help with the general cleaning of it as well as decanting your precious spirits into the flask.


1 - Pop your funnel into the mouth piece of your hip flask and slowly pour cold water into the funnel. This needs to be done with a low flow so that the funnel doesn't fill with water. It often helps to raise the funnel slightly off the mouth piece so that it doesn't cause a vacuum.


2 - Once the flask is about half full, remove the funnel and twist the cap back on the flask.

3 - Give your flask a nice shake, shake, shake!

4 - Unscrew the cap and pour the water down the sink. Repeat if needed. 

5 - Leave the flask with the lid off to air dry.

Does your hip flask need some TLC after being left for some time?

If it has been some time since you have cleaned your flask, or the last time you used it you forgot to give it a rinse, or you are just a little worried about bacteria - you can use a quarter of a Milton tablet in your flask to sterilise it. 

It should only take about 15 minutes and leave to air dry as usual.

Is your hip flask covered in leather, cork or another material? Here's another tip to clean it!

  • We advise above to use cold water and this is most true for flasks that are clad in different materials. As a lot of these materials and adhesives react differently to hot temperatures, to prevent damage to the exterior we highly recommend sticking with cold water and sterilising tablets.  

  • If the leather or cork covering has had contact with liquid, wipe gently with a dry cloth. If the liquid was water, a gentle dab with a soft dry cloth will suffice. If the liquid was a spirit, we recommend a gentle wipe with a damp cloth followed by a gentle dab with a soft dry cloth, if needed. This is to prevent any liquid from soaking in and potentially staining. Allow the flask to dry naturally - don't pop it on a radiator or use a heat source to force it dry, as this could shrink the covering.  

  • If the flask has been saturated in liquid, the best advice is to do nothing and allow the flask to dry out naturally. Some materials are clad to the flask with adhesives and once wet that adhesive can soften and allow the covering to move. If this happens, leave it to dry naturally letting the adhesive dry out, cure and keep the material in place once again. If the material has started peeling away due to over-saturation, gently move and press the material back in place and allow it to dry.

We hope the above gives you a bit of encouragement that not all is lost if you've neglected your flask for some time. Bookmark this page for future reference and know that your hip flask is totally safe in your hands. Now get out there - you're ready for some more adventures with your perfect pocket companion!

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