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With the festive season closing in on us, it's that time of year when we're all frantically on the search for the perfect present for our loved ones and if you're stressing about it (like I used to), fret not, I have the perfect solution to ease those worries. Continue on with this guide, and you will discover an absolute game changer to your gifting game! 

Every year I would tackle Christmas with the same open ended question "What should we get my dad for Christmas?" and it would often inspire very little. See, my dad is the kind of man who will treat himself (hell yeah, self care!) and often what we call the man who has everything. So I decided to change it up a bit and approach everyone's gifts the same way - by setting myself a specific theme each year that would apply to the whole family. 

The benefits of having a specific theme for Christmas means it takes out a lot of the guesswork. Whether you go by the tried and tested four gift rule, or vow to only buy local this year, having that framework in place really streamlines the process. 

So, let me showcase a theme that I'm sure you can imagine I revert to a lot, considering my day job. Leather. Yep, that's it, leather. Shocked? Yeah, didn't think so. Now, we don't keep it a secret that most of the products that you see in our store came to life following the hunt for that perfect something for each member of our family. We also understand the pain of finding something within that theme that also suits the personality of each individual in the fam. Well, we've tackled some of that guesswork too!

So, without further ado, here is our tried and tested line-up of the best leather themed gifts for your loved ones, handily sorted by their personality!


1. For The Musician

Personalised Thick Leather Guitar Strap

Personalised Thick Leather Guitar Strap

The musician... I’m surrounded by them! Jason, my Dad and my Sibling are all avid musicians - all with different favoured instruments. Unless you’re Jason. Jason is a multi-instrumentalist, or at least that’s what he tells me when a new instrument arrives at the house (I jest, he is stupidly talented). He always assures me that there's no such thing as too much music gear or too many accessories, and my dad tends to agree for some reason.


A musicians instruments are some of their most treasured posessions and require only the best accompanying accessories. Their face is sure to light up when they see that you've matched the value of their craft with a perfectly handcrafted and fully personalised leather guitar strap, a hand dyed and stitched drumstick case or a characterful leather microphone pouch

Guitar Straps - Our guitar straps are lightweight, strong, and provide the maneuverability they need,and are built to last a lifetime.

Guitar Cable Tidy - Cables are notorious for being tangled, especially for a musician who constantly transports them from gig to gig in their bag. You (and they) might be thinking that this is just part of a musicians life, but I assure you it doesn't have to be. Our Guitar Cable Tidy is great for keeping any gig and studio cables tangle-free and easy to coil. 

Rune Drumstick Holder - As a gift for those who have a drummer in their life, you can't go wrong with our rune drumstick holder. Masterfully handcrafted to keep their favourite drumsticks safe during transit and at all times. 

Leather Microphone Case - Finally, for the one that spends all their time in the studio, try our luxurious leather microphone case that will protect their microphone in style! Pair the microphone pouch with a cable tidy for the perfect gift bundle for the vocalist in your family! 

2. For The Fashionista

the phase necklace

The Phase necklace

When I was young and embarking on my journey in fashion design, you can be sure I did my utmost to stand out from the crowd. This was always something my mum and dad supported, especially when it came to gifting me something at Christmas. 

Some of my most memorable presents were items they chose that were crafted by small independents - timeless pieces that have stayed with me over the years. In a world which is being choked by fast fashion we have a few options that are perfect for those who want to accessorise and will provide a lifetime of use.

The Belt - full grain leather paired with solid cast hardware in either brass or stainless steel. These beauties are built for a lifetime of wear and beyond. There’s nothing quite like a simple belt made of beautiful materials that will age wonderfully. It’s a classic that can be worn dressed up or down. Add a personalisation on the inside and you’ve transformed this piece into a keepsake that will make this a Christmas to remember. 

The Harness - We have a few fashion harnesses here at Hord, they are a little bit of a luxurious treat, but they are great for bringing a bit of an edge to an outfit. Our altar harness is one of the most popular pieces due to its modular design, making it a great choice for those who like to style things up their own way. Solid brass hardware and full grain leather - perfection!

Jewellery - All of our jewellery has been designed in a way which allows us to use as many of the offcuts we get from our other pieces. Made from our soft and supple leathers, these pieces have proved popular as a gift for the other half

Patches - The perfect stocking filler for those who like to accessorise their gear. Whether they stitch it to a jacket or bag, these patches are great for showcasing who they are.

3. For The Artistic One

The Acorn Journal Cover

The Acorn Journal Cover

So you may have guessed by now, that my parents were nurturing some creative children. My sibling and I spent much of our childhood and adolescence drawing, painting and more. Little surprise that I ended up in a creative discipline, as did my sibling who has a career as an artist. My ever-growing sketchbook collection combined with my sketchbook anxiety (...where you struggle to start a new sketchbook for fear of ruining it) was the fuel behind crafting our journal covers


Journal Covers - These luxurious, removable covers are great for the artist - they can be used time and time again to house their latest sketchbook and keep their pieces safe. Pair it with our heavyweight Leuchtturm1917 sketchbooks, which are great for inks and mark making and you’re onto a winner. Dyed and stitched in your choice of colour and available in a variety of designs, these covers can be monogrammed with initials or engraved with their favourite inspirational quote to get their creative juices flowing. 


Leather Pencil Case - Fancy a matching pencil case? Sure thing! These pencil cases can be dyed in a matching colour to their journal and are perfect for keeping the tools of their favourite trade safe. 

4. For The Practical One

The Mountain Card Holder

The Mountain Card Holder

Now, the practical one, they often solely buy items that they "need" first and foremost, which often means those luxurious treats go by the wayside. Often seen as someone who doesn't desire or want things, especially if they don’t seem to serve a purpose for their life goals - however, they will always appreciate design and finely crafted pieces that will last a long time. I have quite the tendency for practicality - so Hord often combines the utilitarian with the beautiful. 

When buying for the practical person you are searching for the gift they need - but they just don't know it yet. A good place to start is looking at the items they often use day-to-day, which are maybe getting tired or could do with a design-led upgrade that will last them a lifetime. We often recommend looking at our wallets and card holders, key fobs and water bottles, bookmarks and journal covers - items that have a practical purpose, but will last them for many years to come and look stunning in the process. 

5. For the Beer Lover

The Acorn Leather Wrapped Tankard

The Acorn Leather Wrapped Tankard

The craft beer or real ale aficionado (or let's be honest, beer geek) normally seems easy to buy for - beer, right? Maybe, but that doesn't fit the leather theme! why not mix it up a bit? Whether they're a CAMRA member, an UnTappd nerd or they just like to sink a few pints, the best gift for the beer enthusiast is something that they can use again and again - because when that beer is gone, it's gone! 

Leather Wrapped Tankard - We've crafted the perfect leather wrapped tankard with a variety of designs that will bring immediate joy to the recipient of this epic drinking vessel. Our leather wrapped tankards are double walled and will keep their cold beverage cool for a long time and they just feel incredibly lovely with our soft and supple luxurious leather! Craft a truly personalised tankard with your choice of text and watch them beam with excitement on Christmas morning, waiting for midday to hit so that they can fill it with beer.

The Swivel Bottle Opener - If you're looking for something small and sweet, you can't go wrong with a custom leather bottle opener. A perfect stocking filler for the beer lover, this is a great gadget to bundle with some of their favourite bottled beers! 

The Brewer's Journal Cover - Our brewers Journal Cover is perfect for those who love to homebrew, allowing them to note down their recipes, timings and the outcome of their brews. Featuring our illustration of hop vines and leaves, it's also perfect for those who like to make a note of and tick off the many hundreds and thousands of beers they've sampled on their travels. Grab yourself a Leuchtturm1917 journal to go inside the cover and their good to start scribbling right away!

6. For The Adventurous One

Gifts for the adventurous one

The Scout Adventure Bottle & The Cotton Recycled Blanket

I hope you’re sitting down before reading this, as the shock might just be too much… Jason and I really love hiking. I know, it hits hard and we don’t share it all over the place or anything, but, it’s true. 

It’s always been a part of my life, conquering mountains with my family, my long blonde plaits (yep, blonde) flying in the air as I would rush to descend. All these family hobbies really built who we are today and the things we enjoy in adulthood.

Adventurous ones are always on the trail and seeking items that might aid them in their daring pursuits. With our own experiences hiking and camping amongst the fells, many of our products celebrate the outdoors. Keep their favourite trails fresh in their minds, even when they’re back in the office with our Topographic Card Holder, 


When the time comes for adventure, keep them refreshed with our beautiful double walled adventure bottles - an insulated bottle that’s perfect for carrying their favourite refresher onto the moors, whether it’s hot tea or iced water. Completely plastic free, these bottles are easy to clean, meaning they can spend more time outdoors than preparing for them.


Our bestselling hip flasks are perfect to sip a celebratory dram when a summit has been conquered - our topographic design has been a firm favourite for the hiker. 


And lastly, keep them warm and protect their ears with a cosy new beanie - useful all year round on the windy tops! 

Browse through our curated list for the hiker to choose the best gift for the adventurer in your life. 

7. For The Family

As with all festivities and celebrations, the core of it all is one thing - family. Light up your home with our custom pennants featuring illustrative designs that are perfect for the living room, kids room and more! Surprise the newly weds with the custom family pennant that they can hang proudly in their home whilst gifting the new addition to the family with a custom small nursery pennant which is the perfect addition to their crib! Finally, grab a hold of our new luxurious napkin rings to set the table in style for a grand festive dinner!

Browse through our curated collection for the family below!    

Gifts for the family

Ho Ho Ho Large Christmas Pennant

We know you're overflowing with ideas and a list to buy now. Order your treasures today for the perfect festive night!

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