A five year old card holder , in medium brown dye with grey stitch. This piece is the prototype of our original mountain card holder.


Our custom card holders age beautifully, softening over time and moulding to the cards that you pop in them. The leather gains a gentle patina with use and the leather itself is often conditioned enough just by handling it. This piece is now 5 years old, and is as strong as the day it was made.

A fiver year old money clip card holder next to a brand new one, the old one shows the patina in the leather.


The leather will train and mould over time to fit the amount of cards you desire in each slot.

When adding a new card it may feel little tight at first, but after 24 hours of use, you're good to go.

Our Custom Leather Card Holders

Built to last a lifetime, our custom leather card holders are made from high quality, full grain leather and hand dyed and hand stitched in the colours of your choice.

Our handmade leather card holders can be personalised with an initial or text, allowing you to own a totally unique piece and build a card holder that suits your personality.

Shop our range of different styles and functions. Whether you prefer the profile of a vertical card holder, or still carry a few notes with you with the Money Clip Card Holder we will have a style that suits you.

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