Not all mothers are the same. Hord has always stood out in matters of gifting; as we like to focus on non-gendered products filled with personality.

We've crafted a gift guide for those who are looking for unusual and unique gift ideas for their individual mums.

A purse that ticks all the boxes

In a time when cash is in decline, we have created a minimalist alternative for your ID, debit card and small change.

Gone are the days when we have to fight receipts and a thousand loyalty cards into already bulging purses and wallets. With digital alternatives on the rise, we've decided to craft a minimalist wallet that holds all the key and important items you need, and that's it. Perfect for a small pocket or bag, these purses are hand dyed in your choice of colour and can be engraved with a monogram or initials of your choice. These beauties are hand stitched for longevity. Each card slot can hold multiple cards, and over time will soften and mould to the items you pop into it - perfect!

When the outdoors call, have a cup of tea to hand

I don't think it will be news to you that we love a bit of adventure and so many of our pieces embrace that part of our lifestyle. We also know that we're not alone. 

For the mothers who are oft "parched" (as my own would say) and where a cup of tea is the most important drink of the day, our beautiful enamel mugs with a leather wrap are perfect for the garden and camping. Resilient enamel bound in leather means those precious hands don't get burnt - they can also come engraved with some rather beautiful designs. 

We also make insulated water bottles made of stainless steel - bpa free and super easy to clean, these bottles are perfect on the go! They keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.

Journal & Notebook covers for those precious thoughts

Yep, you've heard me harp on about our removable leather journal and notebook covers - but you know what? It's because they're ace. I own about 4 covers, all for different projects - sketchbooks, work notebooks, journals and diaries. I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before I have one for my recipes. 

They make great unique gifts for mothers day as they can be reused time and time again - even when they have filled up their journals. With space on the inside and out to add your own personal message and dyed and stitched in the colours of your choice. 

With lots of designs to choose from, we have something for every personality. As always, if you have a particular idea in mind, hit us up with an email and we'll be happy to help you make it a reality!

Little Gifts that pack a punch - Items under £20 that are built to last

Sometimes you just want a little something that will be used day in and day out, but they will think of you when they pick it up. Here are a few little mementoes that are perfect unique gift ideas, whether it's a bookmark for their latest read or a key fob for their keys.

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