Amidst a new era of lockdowns and social distancing, the polarisation of the world has not helped us in rekindling our friendships and relationships in general. However, we all are yearning for genuine connections more than ever before. A connection that re-connects to the core of who we are; where we shower each other with love, support, appreciation, and simultaneously lift each other up. 

Even though I'm constantly on the phone or staring at some other kind of screen for my work (or leisure), I do believe the rise in digitization has had a hand in reducing the amount of genuine connections forged. In fact, something that we all hear constantly is how people would love to transport themselves back to the ‘Good Old Days’ where everything was more fun and much easier. Now, I’m no luddite and really appreciate how technology has transformed my life and the whole globe. As going back in time is something which is not even remotely possible (and hoping for such a thing is the pathway to a life of regret), it spurred me to think of things that could help us out of this rut. After some serious research, gifting was what stood out the most. The magical power for a gift to reconnect with each other is amazing! With Christmas being around the corner, we do need to get our gifting A-game on. However, before we move into that, this begs the question, what are the wonderful benefits of gifting?

Personalised Hôrd Hip Flask

Gifting Benefits

Even though gifts can be something that we worry will bring a bit of a dent to our wallet, they forge and cultivate human connections in unimaginable ways. In fact, neuroscientists have found out that the reward circuitry of the brain lights up more when giving a gift than when receiving one. Further, a lot of thought goes into a gift -  understanding the recipients taste, preferences and needs and thus giving them something that they desire the most. This brings everyone closer as we understand and appreciate how much thought people put into the whole process. 

Now that we've gauged the science behind gifting, another question remains: what should you gift this Christmas? In a world of mass-manufactured, low quality products, finding something that’s unique but also thoughtful to the recipient can be difficult. Finding such an ideal product is what’s going to give you the crown of 'The Best Gift Giver' this Christmas! Now, don’t worry if you’re fretting about finding such a gift because, *drum roll* that’s what HÔRD is here for!

Our Christmas Gift Recommendations

With all of Hôrd’s products being made to order, we provide unparalleled personalisation for you, allowing you to create the most thoughtful and ideal gift this Christmas. Our products have been crowned countless times with the title of 'best gift I've ever received'. We've categorised our products on the basis of personality, allowing you to choose the best gift for that certain someone with ease. The most popular choices among our collections are the Topographic Map Collection and our Leather Journal Covers.  

The Topographic Collection

The custom topographic map hip flask and the custom topography leather adventure bottles are popular gifts for the hiker or outdoorsy person in your life! We will hand draw and engrave the contour lines from any place of your choice on the leather, allowing you to choose a special place to celebrate on the product which will always be with the recipient on their adventures. 

Leather Journal Covers

If your recipient is a writer or artist or likes to keep a journal, you can't go wrong with our leather journal covers. Made to fit with the A5 leuchtturm1917 book (which we also offer), our journal covers are customisable by including a message or quote of your choice. Our 'Personalised Leather Notebook Cover' is a best seller, along with the 'Deluxe Forager Journal Cover'. Our customers normally have us engrave a message that reiterates their love and support, or a little in-joke for the recipient. 

With Christmas being around the corner, it's the perfect opportunity to reconnect with our dear ones and shower some love with the magic of gifting. Grab your main presents and stocking fillers today and be at ease with the assurance that your gifts will be the absolute best! 

Did you also know that we provide gift wrap for your favourite leather wares? Simply check the 'Gift Wrap' box when placing your order to put yourself at ease with our fully recyclable, ribbon bound gift wrap that comes with a wooden token and gift card and have it all wrapped and ready for your loved one!

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