"I'm not sure what to get him, he already has everything!"

Pretty much everyone at some point!

He may seem to have everything, but we'll help you to find the perfect gift!

So that time has come around again - you need to buy a gift for a man in your life, be it your father, your son, your partner in crime or your best buddy. The problem is they seem to have that habit of buying anything they want, (what is this phenomenon!?) leaving no ideas for you when gifting time comes around. Just what exactly do you get for the man who has everything?! Never fear, dear reader, we're here to help.

The gentleman who seemingly has everything clearly has an eye for what they love and whilst they may appear to have everything they could possibly need, they're likely due an upgrade on a few items. Even better, they need something that won't just end up at the back of their wardrobe. Believe us, we've had a lot of experience over the years helping folks to create the perfect unique gift for those who are hard to buy for. And so, read on for inspiration and to find out our biggest recommendations for that 'hard to buy for' chap.

Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything

The Mountain Wallet, Slimline Bi-Fold by Hôrd.

The Mountain Wallet, Slimline Bi-Fold by Hôrd

1. A High Quality Leather Wallet - Fully Customised To Fit His Personality.

Sure, he already has a wallet, he says... but it's looking a bit tired and tatty. The paper thin bonded leather is cracking and peeling away, revealing the pale fabric underneath. The stitching is coming away in frizzy little curls that just get tucked away or trimmed off every few weeks. It's been stuffed with so many cards and receipts that it's stretched and coming apart at the seams. He needs an upgrade.

How about a fresh new wallet made with full grain leather and hardy waxed linen thread, hand dyed in your choice of colour and hand stitched for lasting strength. These wallets are built to last the test of time and wear and can even be personalised in a number of ways, from nice understated initials to fully engraved contour maps of his favourite place. He's sure to be impressed by the quality and beauty of such a thoughtful gift.

The Acorn Leather Wrapped Tankard by Hôrd.

The Acorn Leather Wrapped Tankard

2. A Classic Steel Tankard With A Luxurious Leather Wrap.

I mean, just look at this absolute beauty, sat all cosy by that roaring stove - I'm talking about that tankard of course! It is 100% a proven fact that drinking beer from a tankard feels much cooler than drinking straight from the can or bottle - I can attest to that myself.

Our stainless steel tankards are super easy to clean and maintain. Each of them comes with a removeable leather wrap with a selection of illustrative designs on a variety of colours - or we have our "custom quote tankard" for you to go wild with text on a blank canvas . These tankards are insulated and the perfect gift for those who love their frothy ale.

The Botanical Leather Belt by Hôrd.

The Botanical Leather Belt

3. A Sturdy Leather Belt - Built To Last A Lifetime.

Is he getting a little girthy as time goes on? Be honest. Or has he been hitting the gym and keeps stabbing extra holes in his belt? How about a brand new, sturdy leather belt made perfectly to measure?

Made with full grain leather and solid cast brass hardware, our leather belts are built to stand out from the crowd with their quality. Perfect for formal or casual and truly built to last, our belts are made for the recipient, but will last long enough to pass down to the generations yet to come. 

With the option to personalise with a name, initial, or a secret message on the inside, you cannot go wrong with a truly unique belt that totally complements his style!

The Mountain Card Holder by Hôrd.

The Mountain Card Holder

4. A Discreet Card Holder, Where Functionality Meets Style.

In a world where people are cutting down on the cash that they carry, our card holders are proving ever popular for those who are thinking of down-sizing. I mean, who really needs all those rarely used loyalty cards these days that pack out your wallet, and your pocket with forgotten plastic? These card holders are perfect for nights out, where you just need your most important cards and ID.

Handcrafted for perfection, our luxurious card holders are made from full grain leather and hand stitched to maximise durability. They are built to last a lifetime and get better through use. Our card holders have a classic design, providing the perfect addition to a casual or formal style. 

Personalise this beauty with an initial and make it the perfect accessory for their daily use, keeping their cards safe and protected in style. These card holders can be trained to fit as many cards in each slot as you need (I think Gemma might hold the record with 8 cards in one partition). A perfect gift for the adventurer in your life.

Swivel Bottle Opener by Hôrd

Swivel Compact Bottle Opener

5. A Handy Fold Away Bottle Opener - An Essential For The Adventurer.

The adventurous one in your life has all the equipment he needs for his foray, right - right? Nope! Designed with a low profile and for those who love to head out camping, our swivel compact bottle openers are perfect for clipping onto your belt loops or keys to make sure it's with you at all times. Crafted from thick and sturdy Italian vegetable tanned hide with a stainless steel bar blade, it certainly looks the part. Personalise this piece with an initial or logo and have it clipped onto his backpack or belt loop!

Personalised Leather Journal Cover A5 by Hôrd

Personalised Leather Notebook Cover A5

6. An Essential Leather Journal Cover - To Invoke Their Creative Self.

He has been thinking and speaking to you about his creative endeavours and ideas for quite sometime. Give him the nudge to take the next step and get them all down on paper with our luxurious leather journal covers!

Handcrafted using high-quality leather, these removable journal covers can be personalised with initials or text of your choice and you can even pick the leather and stitch colour, making it a truly unique and personal gift to keep them inspired. Perfect for keeping them organised in the office or fuelled with inspiration at home with their hobbies. 

We know how hard it is to find just the right gifts for the man who has everything, but we hope you have been able to find that little something that's going to leave him wonderstruck with your perfect choice of present! 

If you have any questions about a product, you can get in touch with us here.

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