Marsden's Leather Balm


Marsden's leather balm, made in small batches by hand in Lancashire, is a family recipe passed down through generations. Perfect for bringing your leather goods back to life and restoring our pull-up leathers.

Some of our pull-up leather accessories can age over time through use, allowing you to acquire a beautiful aged finish. However if you would like to restore the leather, this is the product for you! Helping with minor scratches, it soothes your leather woes. 

This balm is made from all natural products, including beeswax to soften and waterproof, sweet almond oil to nourish and lanolin to waterproof and protect against fungal and bacterial growth.

Restores, Nourishes and Revitalises!

  • Safe to apply by hand
  • Anti Bacterial properties
  • Anti Fungal properties
  • Adds water resistance
  • A little goes a long way!

Directions for use

  • Apply to dry and clean leather 
  • Test a small area first to assess result
  • Apply very small quantities
  • Apply in small circular motions


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Great for maintaining leather on tankard!

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