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Fine British Leather Goods

Based in the heart of Marsden, West Yorkshire, our leather goods shop is a haven for all outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of timeless design.

Step inside and discover our collection of unique core products (and a few one-offs) that are ready to be taken home and cherished. But that's not all - our shop is more than just a retail space, it's a window into our creative process. Our leather workshop is right here, where you can witness us working our magic firsthand. And the best part? We can personalise your items right then and there, ensuring that they’re truly unique. No waiting, no delays - within minutes, your personalised leather goods are ready to accompany you on your adventures.

So come on in, explore our inspiring space, and find the perfect leather accessory that captures the essence of your outdoor lifestyle.

how to find us

Searching for Leather goods near Huddersfield?

We are based in the centre of Marsden, West Yorkshire, a village which boasts lots of wonderful local food and drink, with micro breweries and places for brunch, gift shops and wonderful walks directly from the centre.

We are based in an old building which hosts a few small businesses alongside our own. It sits just along Station Road at the bottom of Peel Street, which leads to the train station servicing Manchester, Leeds and Huddersfield.