We started our journey making Valentine's gifts - can you believe it? I guess I must have quite the romantic side. It is likely because the forging of Hord started around the time I met Jason - so I was likely up in the clouds making all sorts of bits for him in my endless declaration of love. Hah! Well, in time-honoured tradition we thought we should compile our most wish-listed, cool Valentine's gifts for those who have a flair for the unique. As most of our pieces are suitable for all genders, we've decided to draft up this guide by type of gift!

Looking for a Cool Valentine's Gift? Check out our content below and find the perfect fit for you!

Secret Messages - A covert way to show your undying affection

Secret messages are a great way to add a personal touch to your gift, for a piece that can be used every day.

We incorporated the idea of secret messages into a lot of our product line as they are perfect for occasions where you want to add something memorable and personal for the recipient, but without the world having to know what it says. Perfect for a romantic touch as a Valentine's or Anniversary gift - these pieces only get more cherished over the years.

We have a few different ways to add your secret message - form hiding it behind the product - like engraving the inner sleeve of our journal covers, or, the inside of a belt. Another way is to use ancient languages - a cool little puzzle for your partner to translate when receiving your gift. 

Using Ancient Languages to say "I love you"

We use a couple of ancient languages to convey messages. One is with futhark runes, an old way the Vikings depicted letters and meaning. We also utilise Ogham - an ancient Celtic alphabet that was often inscribed in stone and wood. Each carving is based on a different type of tree and these inscriptions were an early form of writing for the Old Irish language - one in which we find a lot of beauty and mystery. 

These alphabets make a great way of conveying your heart in a graphical and decorative way. 

Want a secret message or runic text on our other products? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

Cool Valentine's Gifts for a Romantic Stroll

There's nothing quite like a romantic stroll on Valentine's day, and it just so happens we have quite a few treats to make it that little bit more special. It's safe to say, mine and Jason's courting days were filled with walks, wiling away the hours with talk of music and video games.

Forget carving your initials into a real tree, we've got a perfect alternative for another ever-lasting option. 

Our love-heart tree carving hip flask is perfect for a wintry February walk, fill it with your favourite tipple and keep warm on a lovely romantic stroll.

If you'd prefer to share a cup of tea, these adventure bottles are perfect for an easy way to carry a hot drink on your ventures. They are great for everyday use for the gym-goer, hiker, and those on the go. Insulating your drinks for over 12 hours, hot or cold. 

Opt for our topographic designs to showcase where you had your first date, got married, or a place you both share. We draw up the topographic map of your special location, for a beautiful abstract piece.

Games Night - Escaping to Other Worlds with your Other Half

If a flight of fantasy is more up your street than a walk in nature (or equally tantalising), fear not! Share a mug of grog and celebrate their favourite tabletop gaming character for a games night to remember. Perfect for the gaming table, whether it be a selection of board games or a dungeons & dragons session, these tankards have become a firm favourite.

Fill them with your favourite frothy beverage and toast to some of your favourite adventures, in life or at the games table.

Put your other half under your spell with our journal covers, fit for the arcane. Another spellbinding addition to the games table, or perfect for everyday journaling, our leather notebook covers feel luxurious and hardy and are sure to put a big ol' grin on their face.

Take a look at a few more of our adventurous products below to get a little inspiration for your partner in life's journeys.

Love Tokens - Items under £20 that are built to last

Sometimes you just want a little something that will be used day in and day out, but they will think of you when they pick it up. Here are a few little mementoes that are perfect as little love tokens - whether it's a bookmark for their latest read or a key fob for their keys.

Setting The Mood

Add a little candlelight and a relaxing scent to your space with our curated selection of hand-poured soy candles and incense from the US. From the crackle of our wood-wicked Bloom travel candle to the gentle smokiness of our incense bricks - these home fragrances add a little bit of luxury to the home.

Pair it with a recycled cotton camper blanket that can be used for keeping you both warm or as a picnic blanket for your adventures. Perfect little touches for Valentine's Day.

We hope our round-up of unique and cool valentine's gifts has given you some inspiration for the day! Big love to you!

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